Robyn Keir Moore

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So the ARTFORDABLE FAIR @ is over and done with.

Thank you to those of you who came to see the work!


This was also the first showing of 'Proximity Series II', which are very limited editions.

images of the work are now available to view on my portfolio page. If you wish to purchase these works, please send me a message via the contact page.


Although it took an exhausting 3 hours to get there, I had a great time and met some lovely people!!


Please check my links page to get more info.


Getting ready for the ARTFORDABLE FAIR @ 13 THE GALLERY ( .....


--- Business cards have arrived! ---


Do head over for the opportunity to view and purchase some affordable art - with all my works being discounted by 10% and other deals!!


Do join the Facebook event to find out more details:



I am selling my artwork, including limited edition prints, at 13 The Gallery's Artfordable fair on the Saturday 16th November!!


All works are discounted, with further discounts if bought in a set!


Please see for more information.


(Although all information is on the e-flyer here!)



I have (finally) made a Facebook page for my practice.


To get updates, Info on shows, discounts and offers on my work - please 'like' and subscribe to the page!




I will be taking part in a Art Fair in Central London soon!


My artworks will be on sale discounted, and also available to order.


& never seen limited editions are available for sale!


Details to follow!


Photographic prints of most of my works are now available for sale.


Most cases up to A3, (although some are available as large size prints; A2, A1, A0 - framed/ unframed - please ask for details).


Prices are determined by printing costs & length of process of image.


Do hurry, as some are limited editions!

I am also taking commissions!


Please feel free to get in contact via the 'Contact Me' page.


We were all very happy with the success of the 'S I X .' exhibition last month, held at The Unit 24 Gallery in Southwark, with a great turnout and feedback from visitors on opening night and the next day.


All six of us, exhibiting artists, would like to thank the staff - Celeste and Marek - who were incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the whole experience!


For more information on the gallery, visit  - 





S I X.


A chance to explore the current practice of six fine art students from Kingston University. 
With work from Robyn Keir Moore, Ben Goddard, Twinkle Mary Strong, Ed Barrett, Henriette Listhaug Hordvik & Sam Kingston.


Free entry and free drinks on opening night.

Visit our website or visit for more information.